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Jennifer went above and beyond.  She was able to get our house on the market within just a week.  We’re military, so once orders were received, we only had 45 days to relocate internationally.  We were able to sell our house within 2 weeks.  Then, we had a quick close.  As Jennifer is a relocation specialist, she took care of everything before the move abroad.  We ended up getting orders to Germany.  We’re more than happy with the results of her hard work, commitment and strong communication.  You don't need to look anywhere else.  From the seller’s end, we could not ask for more.  We consider Jennifer to be a friend.

 --  S. Wilson

 We hired the Jennifer Bonis to sell our home.  When we met, our listing agent was friendly and asked us a lot of questions.  She was very interested with our plans and selling the house was quick and we ended up getting top dollar.  With a team, you have support needed to get you results you are hoping for.  The price was more than any house listed in our neighborhood, but we were assured we could get top dollar and we did.  We'll never need another real estate team.

 -- A. Chrochet

 Jennifer Bonis sold our Land within just a few days.  It had been sitting for many years until she came along.  At one time, we thought about taking a low offer.  We're so glad we did not.  When the team began to work, literally within days, we had a buyer at the price we wanted. 

We also have a house that was sold within days.  We're moving onto a 40 acre lot with a brand new build.  Jennifer is the only agent that we would ever work with.  All staff will be coming to our housewarming.  We're very excited for our next adventure!

 --  E. Duesling

 Mrs. Bonis is super informed on everything land and homes.  I strongly urge you to have her take care of everything for you if you're going to be buying or selling.  She even knows about water taps, plat maps, so many details.  If you need an excellent agent, you need to call Jennifer.  Working with them has been a Bonis!

 --  E. J. Galaviz

 Jennifer Bonis found the perfect house for us on acreage.  We didn't know we could afford a house on acreage until we began to work on getting a home.  She helped us not only get the home of our dreams, and $20,000 less than anticipated.  Our lending went smoothly through Ent and Jennifer made sure we got a good rate.  There is no other agent that I would ever work with.  And we have a family member in real estate.  Jennifer is well-connected, experienced and can be trusted with a major decision like buying a house. 

 --  G. Ruby

 You would not believe the experience I had with the Repair Team.  My house was a disaster after some renters destroyed my property.  Ed, the foreman, led the team and made my house move-in ready within only 3 weeks. And without any upfront cash.  The Real Estate Team put my house on the market and 4 days later, we had a full-price offer.  The Inspection Team prepared my house so that we would not have delays.  I closed on 01-24-20.  My net proceeds were more than I could have asked for.  YOU need Jennifer Bonis if you’re selling your home.  Special thanks to Ed.

 --  S. Tucker   

 Sometimes you don’t have ability to think “good things can happen” until you come across a company that treats YOU as their priority.  I was thinking that our house would not sell since it is winter in Colorado.  We fell behind on our mortgage and we just could not afford our home. To my surprise, we hired Jennifer Bonis to take care of getting our house ready for buyer to see.  They even did the work without any fees.  Within just 2 weeks, we had to decide which offer to accept.  I couldn’t believe it!  You truly care about people and its community.  All staff from beginning to end were great to work with.  They kept in tough almost daily. There was not a challenge that could not be addressed.  While we were under contract, we were able to find more affordable housing and the perfect fit!  With the down payment that we put towards our new house, our payment is much less.   

 --V. Torres

 We really enjoyed working with Jennifer Bonis and all support staff.  Specifically, Jennifer is a very specialized agent that was able to take a floor plan and assist in narrowing down what works for us.  At the end of the day, they knew our lifestyle and family needs better than we did.  New construction is little tricky.  I would strongly recommend Jennifer Bonis while making major decisions.  You want support while working with the contracts and making all of the arrangements.  It saved us time and money.  We ended up getting an upgrade saving us $16,000.00.   That only happens when you have someone experienced supporting you throughout the home buying process.  Jennifer was fantastic!

 --K. McKenzie

 My husband and I relocated from California and we were so fortunate to have found an agent that was able to meet our needs from afar.  The team was able to arrange footage for us, email with updates and call to keep lines of communication open.  When we were ready to make the move, we had a short list of houses.  It was quick and easy...and with their experts on hand, completely a joy to have moved to Colorado.  We're loving the mountains and we cannot thank you enough!  

A. Thompson

I would strongly recommend Jennifer Bonis to handle an estate sale for you.  I could not have done it without their help and expertise.  I'm not joking when I say she handled "all" of the paperwork for an estate and probate.  They do it all for you.  It was the best decision I could have made.  Thank you!

--C. Hoff

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